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Client Testimonials

Houston Rockets

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"We believe it's an integrated solution, working with Memorial Hermann Health Care as well as Memorial Hermann Health Insurance Company, because we’re able to create some cost efficiency throughout the entire system without having to sacrifice any quality of care at all. … This partnership is incredibly important to us — being able to really establish that deep partnership and those relationships with your doctors, with your health care provider, and with your insurance company, so you’re delivering the best possible care."

— Tad Brown, CEO, Houston Rockets & Toyota Center

James Coney Island

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"The reason that we brought in Memorial Hermann is that they’re Houston-based, they’re a fully integrated health care solution, and they have a lot of locations. We felt they were a perfect fit for another Houston-based company like James Coney Island. The customer service has also been outstanding."

— Darrin Straughan, President, James Coney Island

E’ssential Health and Wellness, Inc.

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"As a small Texas employer, we strive to offer high-quality health insurance to our employees. With Memorial Hermann Health Insurance Company, we have been able to enjoy easy access to affordable, high-quality health care that was delivered with excellent service. The Memorial Hermann health system is also growing, permitting our employees and their dependents to receive high-quality treatment in medical facilities close to home or work. We strongly recommend Memorial Hermann Health Insurance Company to any Houston employer."

— Lyne Ezenwa, Vice President, E’ssential Health and Wellness, Inc.

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