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Memorial Hermann Health Solutions


Memorial Hermann Health Plan is committed to compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as to upholding the highest ethical standards. We are a health plan deeply linked to the Houston community, and we value our partnership with and service to that community. As such, our compliance plan is designed not only to ensure that we comply with federal and state laws and regulations, but also to ensure we uphold our own internal policies regarding fraud reporting, conflicts of interest, appropriate disciplinary actions if necessary, and non-retaliation.

If you are a member, broker or provider, please help us stop health care fraud by contacting us immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity. We appreciate your continued support.

Privacy Policy

This notice describes our privacy practices and how we collect, use and disclose individually identifiable information with respect to our health insurance products subject to HIPAA. It also explains how we collect, use and disclose non-public personal financial information with respect to our insurance products subject to the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act. This notice is for your information and provides how you can access your information.

Standards of Conduct

Memorial Hermann Health Plan has a Standards of Conduct document that includes our written commitment to compliance and ethical behavior, including federal and state laws that apply to our business, our responsibility to report compliance issues, disciplinary actions due to noncompliance, and other compliance matters. You can view, download, and read this document below.

Standards of ConductStandards of Conduct