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Comprehensive Health & Wellness

Comprehensive Health & Wellness

Memorial Hermann Employer Solutions

Memorial Hermann Employer Solutions

Comprehensive Health and Wellness services from Memorial Hermann Employer Solutions are designed to assist companies with managing their employees' health and wellness. We make this simple by:

  • Helping companies establish a healthy workforce and reduce healthcare costs by identifying, improving and reducing health risks
  • Helping employees improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce their healthcare spending or likelihood to experience significant medical expenses

We analyze the company's overall health risk factors and provide a detailed report, designed to determine educational opportunities and environmental changes needed for your company.

We also confidentially evaluate each member's behaviors and health risks and provide lifestyle solutions through education and coaching. Our dedicated  team engages individuals in behavior modification programs by working with them conveniently over the phone, online, by mail and/or at their place of employment.

Memorial Hermann  can implement full wellness programs or complement existing wellness programs with a la carte options and services.

Health Screenings

  • On-site and off-site screening solutions
    • Mobile screening events, staffing and management
    • Network of Memorial Hermann affiliated clinics and hospitals
    • Basic, comprehensive, and custom screening packages
    • Health risk assessments (HRAs)
    • Education
    • Event-data reports

Wellness Programs

  • Health promotion
    • On-site seminars, live webinars, group programs and challenge campaigns
  • Individual coaching
    • Phone-based, Web-based and on-site coaching
  • Technology
    • Branded wellness portal with integrated Health risk assessment, exercise, nutrition, and biometric tracking tools, and learning modules
  • Customized reports

Disease Management

  • High-risk group stratification and focus
    • Medical and prescription claims, HRA and biometric screening-based health analytics
  • Registered nurse coaching
    • Targeted coaching with physician integration
  • Technology
    • Wellness portal integration with personal medical record and health management tools

Seasonal and Travel Vaccinations

  • On-site immunization solutions
    • Mobile immunization events, staffing and management
    • Network of Memorial Hermann affiliated clinics
    • Flu vaccinations

Comprehensive Health Evaluations

Premier prevention exam/executive physicals (for executives and employees)

  • Preventative imaging (heart scans)
  • EKG
  • Hearing evaluation

For more information or to schedule an appointment or event, call 713.338.6519 or 800.778.8935 or email You can also download the Comprehensive Health and Wellness Fact Sheet.


Sam Medina
713) 338.4946

Elizabeth Lopez
(713) 338.7226

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