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Our ergonomics program emphasizes injury prevention and takes a proactive team approach to reduce the incidence of workplace musculoskeletal injuries. Current on the latest OSHA regulations as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we are ready to help you design and implement an ergonomics program that best fits your company's needs. The ergonomics program includes the following services:

  1. Consultation Services
    • Design and establish a company ergonomics committee
    • Implement a system for gathering employee feedback
    • Develop, implement and evaluate each element of the ergonomics program
    • Provide necessary hazard information for employees
    • Set up discomfort and repetitive strain reporting system
    • Work with employer in setting up temporary work restriction or modified/transitional duty positions to facilitate return to duty work
  2. Evaluations
    • On-site ergonomic office and workstation evaluations
    • Job analysis
    • Establish essential physical job demands (functional job descriptions)
    • Pre-employment agility testing
    • Post-injury return to work evaluations
  3. Training
    • Injury prevention education
    • Back school classes
    • Body mechanics training/proper materials handling classes
    • Train the trainer classes

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