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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in the Memorial Hermann provider network?

Our network is primarily composed of the Memorial Hermann Physician Network, known as MHMD. This organization practices evidence-based medicine in a culture of physician accountability and has created and deployed new models of health care that improve quality, safety and cost efficiency for patients and caregivers.

Its 3,900 physicians make it the largest independent physician organization of its kind in Texas, ranking among top nationally based clinical integration programs in participating physicians and quality of results.

Can employees go outside the Memorial Hermann network to find providers?

We have contractual relationships with many other providers outside of Memorial Hermann.

Can my employees keep their current doctors on this plan?

It really depends on the insurance plan you select. For large groups (51+ employees) we do provide the opportunity to "buy-up" to a much broader network. If you want to see if your current provider is in our network, simply go to our provider search and you can check based on your physician's name.

Do you host wellness fairs on site at the workplace?

Yes. Health fairs help promote wellness and educate your employees about basic health concerns, preventive care and chronic disease management. Our staff can set up health fair vendors, arrange "ask the doctor" or "ask the dietician" sessions, provide flu vaccinations, conduct biometric screenings, and help employees schedule online appointments — all at the workplace.

Do you offer any executive health programs?

Yes. Our executive health program offers busy executives a comprehensive, personalized wellness evaluation that ensures convenience, privacy and comfort. A multidisciplinary Memorial Hermann medical team will perform a series of evaluations and tests to assess overall health, wellness and risk factors based on age, gender and clinical results.

How do I get a group insurance quote?

Submit the most current census along with employer demographics to and you'll receive your quote within 72 hours.