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Provider Portal Training

Introducing Memorial Hermann Health Plan's Provider Portal. The new portal includes the following features:

  • Self-registration

  • Single sign on

  • Patient Inquiry
    • Demographic information
    • PCP
    • Policy number
    • Group
    • Eligibility
    • Benefit plan description
    • Recent claims
    • Limits and accumulators
    • Deductibles and copays

  • Claims Center
    • Facility and professional claims
    • Medical claim ID
    • Date(s) of service
    • Claim status
    • Diagnosis
    • Received date
    • Payment details
    • Claim item detail

User Manual and User Access

For more information on how make best use of the new Provider Portal, please download our User Manual. To access the portal, please download and complete our Authorized User Access Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I register for the Portal?

You will find the registration page at After entering the required information, you will receive an email with a link to complete your registration process.

Q2: What is the difference between each role assignment?

Corporate Security Administrator (CSA) – User requires access to multiple TIN’s and manages the administration for multiple providers.

Provider – User requires access to one or more TINs associated with their practice(s).

Office Manager (OM) – User requires access to one or more of their current TINs and the ability to assign additional staff members access to the system.

Q3: How do I grant access to other staff members?

To grant access to others you need to be in the role of Corporate Security Administrator (CSA), Provider or Office Manager (OM). If you fall under one of these roles, please follow the instructions below (Note: Staff members need to register themselves prior to the following steps.):

  1. Login to the Provider Portal and select your role
  2. Select the Security tab from the left navigation
  3. Search by ”Last Name, First Name” or "Username"
  4. Select the correct user
  5. Click the “Create New” button
  6. Select the access you would like for the user
  7. Search by the Provider NPI or Provider Name (TIN will be used for CSA access)
  8. Select the Provider/TIN
  9. Click "Assign"

Q4: How should I conduct a Patient Inquiry?

You may search for a patient using Member ID or their Last Name plus one other search criteria. Once a patient is selected, you will have the ability to view patient demographic information; the member’s PCP (if applicable); policy number; group; and medical products.

Q5: What information is available in the Recent Claims feature?

The recent claims feature will pull up claims from the past 3 months.

Q6: Where can I find the patient’s plan description?

Click on the View Plan Description link in the Limits and Accumulators section.

Q8: How do I research claim information?

In the Claim Center section you can search by Date or Claim ID. The Type options are All, Facility (1 month max) or Professional (6 month max). The Claim Status options are All, In-Progress/Pending, Complete, Adjusted Claim Completed or Closed. The claim search will only display the first 500 records. Please refine your search if you would like additional records.

Q9: Where can I search for a provider?

Under the Provider Search section, you are able to narrow your search by either the Memorial Hermann Commercial or Medicare Advantage Providers.