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Wellness Portal

MyWellness is a free online wellness portal featuring the resources and information you need to make healthier lifestyle choices, and take control of your personal health and wellness. No matter where your needs lie along the health spectrum — from maintaining healthy habits to managing chronic conditions — MyWellness offers 24/7 access to interactive tools and programs that help you set meaningful goals, while tracking your progress toward reaching them.

The MyWellness portal is even compatible with HealthyNow, a mobile application that makes staying on track simple and easy, even on-the-go (currently available for iOS and Android).

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MyWellness Key Features

My Dashboard

The MyWellness homepage serves as your personal dashboard, allowing you to easily track progress toward your health and wellness goals. Your dashboard includes daily wellness tips, a fluid counter, a fruit and vegetable tracker, personalized health metrics such as weight and calories, a “steps” log and more. You can even track your standing in ongoing health challenges for additional inspiration and motivation.

Personal Health Assessment

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) helps you analyze your health status so that you can set personalized health and wellness goals that are meaningful, manageable and attainable given your current condition. Your PHA provides you with an easy-to-read health score for low, moderate and high-risk participants; a risk advisor; and risk-relevant information so that you can tailor an action plan to your specific needs.

Health Challenges

Through the Health Challenges feature on MyWellness, your employer can set up health-related events such as walking challenges to encourage, support and motivate employees. You and your coworkers can then create teams and track your team’s progress in the dashboard. Integrating wearable technologies like wireless pedometers can also make competing in challenges easier while enhancing overall engagement.

Progress Report and Wellness Plan

The Progress Report and Wellness Plan tools allow you to easily track and manage food intake and exercise while comparing multiple days side-by-side to help identify patterns and encourage healthier choices. The Wellness Plan combines your Personal Health Assessment, meal logs, key health metrics and fitness logs to create a comprehensive plan for managing your personal health goals more effectively.


The MyWellness portal provides access to an extensive collection of wellness resources. You can sign up for wellness workshops; subscribe to a monthly newsletter; read wellness blogs; browse the health library; and use the symptom checker to make more informed decisions in regard to your overall health.

Exercise Planner

The Exercise Planner helps you create a daily action plan that aligns with your exercise and fitness goals. You may choose from an extensive list of exercises including bicycling, yoga, even raking your lawn; or you can add custom exercises that fit your specific needs and activity levels. Once you create an exercise plan, these actions will be tracked in your log. The Exercise Planner also allows you to send messages to professional trainers for additional guidance and support.

Meal Planner

The Meal Planner tool recommends the number of calories you should consumer daily based on your personal information and health goals. Meal plans are available for a variety of specialized dietary needs including gluten free, heart healthy, low carb/high protein, low lactose, vegan, vegetarian and more. The Meal Planner even includes specialized plans for diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome. You can also build a daily menu and enter food choices into your Food Log so that you can track what you eat and make healthier food choices. If you have questions about your meal plan along the way, you can send messages to a registered dietitian.

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