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Dental Information

Dental benefits under the Memorial Hermann Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by Liberty Dental Plan®. Please review your plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC) to ensure you fully understand the dental benefits offered with your specific plan. Contact Liberty Dental Plan directly at (888) 700-1246 for questions regarding your benefits or help finding an in-network provider. You may also register for online services or review your dental benefits at Liberty Dental Plan.

(Please note that by clicking on this link, you will be leaving Memorial Hermann Advantage website.)

Dental Plan Fee Schedules

Medicare Advantage HMO (English) / (Spanish)
Medicare Advantage Golden Triangle HMO (formally Jefferson HMO) (English) / (Spanish)
Medicare Dual Advantage HMO D-SNP (English) / (Spanish)
Medicare Advantage Prime Value MA-only HMO (English) / (Spanish) 

Vision & Hearing Benefit

Available for all Memorial Hermann Advantage Plans, members are provided an allowance for hearing aids and eyewear, which is loaded on a prepaid flexible spending card at the beginning of the plan year. For more information on the flex card, click here.

When purchasing hearing aids or eyewear, simply use the flex card like a credit card. If you forget to use the flex card on a purchase, visit the flex card portal to submit a receipt for reimbursement onto your flex card.

Health Plan Name Annual Amount for Vision and Hearing
Memorial Hermann Advantage HMO $1,500
Memorial Hermann Advantage Golden Triangle HMO  $900
Memorial Hermann Dual Advantage HMO 
Memorial Hermann Advantage Prime Value MA Only HMO  $900

If you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service team at (855) 645-8448 (TTY 711.)

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